Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award

Dr. Klaus Erkelenz was one of the creators of what is nowadays called the "Bonn potential", a one-boson exchange potential that is one of the main tools in few-body and nuclear structure calcuations. Klaus Erkelenz died much too early in 1973. To honor his achievements and to keep up the memory of this great phyisicist and person, the Dr. Klaus Erkelenz foundation was set up in 2013. The inauguration meeting took place at Bonn, November 15th, 2013. The program consisted of an introduction, two scientific talks and personnel recollections by Professor Peter David, a long time friend and colleague of Klaus Erkelenz. Ruprecht Machleidt (University of Idaho, USA) gave a talk on ''Klaus Erkelenz and the Bonn Potential'' and Ulf Meißner (Univ. Bonn/FZ Jülich) talked on ''Nuclear Theory: A Modern Perspective''.

The Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award is given for an outstanding thesis in theoretical nuclear or hadronic physics or a significant contribution from a young post-doc at the HISKP, University of Bonn or the IKP-3/IAS-4 at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The prize is awarded annually and comes with an award sum of 5000 €. 

Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Awardees

2018 Evan Berkowitz

Dr. Evan Berkowitz (IAS-4, Forschungszentrum Jülich) received recognition for his outstanding contributions to Lattice QCD with applications for nuclear physics on the subject of "Aspects of Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD". On November 20th he was presented with the Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award. In the Erkelenz Colloquium he gave a talk on "The Nucleon Axial Coupling form QCD".

2016 Andria Agadjanov

Andria Agadjanov (MSc, HISKP, Universität Bonn) was presented with the Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award for his outstanding work on "Hadronic electroweak processes in a finite volume". He received the award on November 29th, 2016, and gave a talk on the topic.

2015 Martin Hoferichter and Jacobo Ruiz de Elvira

Dr. Martin Hoferichter (Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, USA) and Dr. Jacobo Ruiz de Elvira (HISKP, Universität Bonn) were awarded the Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award 2015 for their outstanding work on "Roy-Steiner equation analysis of pion-nucleon scattering". They received the award on December 8th, 2015, and gave a talk about their work.

2014 Deborah Rönchen

Dr. Deborah Rönchen (HISKP, Bonn University) was awarded the Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Award for her thesis "Baryon resonances in pion- and photon-induced reactions". She received the award on 20th November, 2014. She gave a talk on the topic "The spectrum of nucleon and Delta resonances in a dynamical coupled-channel model".

2013 Sebastian König

Dr. Sebastian König (Ohio State University, USA) was awarded the "Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Preis" for his thesis ''Effective quantum theories with short- and long-range forces''. Sebastian König received the price on December 19, 2013. He gave a talk on ''Bound states in a box''.