25.04.17 16:15

Recent progress on hadronic resonances

Maxim Mai (GWU, Washington)

Abstract: In my talk I will review recent progress towards the understanding of hadronic resonances in two- and three-body scattering.

First, it will be shown how a combination of theoretical tools such as Inverse Amplitude Method can be used to link lattice results on pi-pi scattering in the isoscalar and isovector channel at different quark masses.

Ultimately, these results will be handy when studying, e.g. three-pion scattering amplitude in the so-called isobar Ansatz. There the three particle states can only be populated via an interacting two-particle system (resonant or non-resonant), and a spectator. Using this Ansatz, we derive the isobar-spectator interaction such that the three-body unitarity is ensured exactly. This will be demonstrated in the second part of the talk.


Seminarraum II, HISKP

Kategorie: Feldtheorie, Kernphysik