News, HISKP News, Konferenzen: NSTAR 2019

The 12th International Workshop on the Physics of Excited Nucleons [mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Master-Kolloquium: Master-Kolloquium Nils Stausberg

"Time Calibration and Target Asymmetry Determination for Single Meson-Photoproduction at the CBELSA/TAPS Experiment"[mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Promotionskolloquium: Promotionskolloquium Christopher Helmes

"K-K and π-K Scattering Lengths at Maximal Isospin from Lattice QCD" [mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Master-Kolloquium: Master-Kolloquium Luca Gottardi

"Test and improvement of the calibration mechanisms of the MiniTAPS detector"[mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Promotionskolloquium: Promotionskolloquium Philipp Hoffmeister

"Das Datenerfassungssystem für das Crystal-Barrel/TAPS-Experiment an ELSA"[mehr]


News, HISKP News, Master-Kolloquium: Master-Kolloquium Thomas Vonk

Studies on the QCD θ-vacuum in chiral perturbation theory. Vacuum structure at large-Nc, physics at θ ∼ π, and effects of θ on two-nucleon systems [mehr]


News, HISKP News, Kolloquium: From hadrons at unphysical quark masses to coupled-channel reaction dynamics in the laboratory

Matthias Lutz (GSI, Darmstadt)[mehr]

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