20.11.14 16:00

Verleihung des Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Preises und Rede der Laureatin

D. Rönchen - The spectrum of nucleon and Delta resonances in a dynamical coupled-channel model

In order to probe the nature of the strong interactions in the medium-energy regime, where a perturbative expansion of QCD is not possible, the spectrum of excited baryons provides important information. Over the time, different approaches have been developed to connect predictions from quark models or lattice calculations to experimental data. Among those, a framework especially suited for a simultaneous analysis of multiple reactions with different initial and final states is given by the so-called dynamical coupled-channel models. We present results of a combined study of pion- and photon-induced hadronic reactions within the Jülich dynamical coupled-channel approach. The framework preserves analyticity and allows, thus, for an extraction of resonance parameters in terms of pole positions and residues. Based on an analysis of more than 28,000 data points in pion- and eta photoproduction the influence of new double-polarization observables on the extracted resonance parameters is studied.

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Lecture Hall, HISKP

Kategorie: Kolloquium