Symmetry-violating hadronic interactions from lattice QCD

T. Luu (FZJ) / M. Petschlies (UBonn) / C. Urbach (UBonn)


The low-energy / high-precision frontier is one of the three contemporary cornerstones in the quest
for testing the Standard Model (SM) of elementary particle physics by probing its boundaries and
searching for physics beyond it. Within this area, Hadronic Weak Interactions (HWI) generated
from the coupling of the strong and electro-weak sector of the Standard Model give rise to a rich
phenomenology of hadrons, whose observation provides key access points for such precision
tests. Of particular interest are the parity symmetry violating (PV) and combined parity and charge-
conjugation symmetry violating (CPV) interactions of the nucleon. The main goals of this project
are the first lattice QCD calculation of the weak pion-nucleon coupling with fully controlled
statistical and systematic uncertainty and the lattice QCD determination of matrix elements
involving the so-called Weinberg, quark- and quark-Chromo electric dipole moment operators, that
contribute to the electric dipole moment of the neutron and the proton and light nuclei.