Group Theory (physics751)

Lecturers: U-G. Meissner, A. Rusetsky


Recommended literature:

M. Hamermesh: Group Theory and its application to Physical Problems

J. P. Elliott and P. G. Dawber: Symmetry in Physics

M. L. Curtis: Matrix Groups

H. Georgi: Lie Algebras in Particle Physics

H. F. Jones: Groups, Representations and Physics

P. Ramond: Field Theory: a Modern Primer


Lecture notes:


Title page

Section 1: Introduction: Symmetries in physics

Section 2: Fundamental properties of groups

Section 3: Matrix groups

Section 4: Basic properties of linear vector spaces

Section 5: Elements of the representation theory

Section 6: Continuous groups

Section 7: SU(2) and the rotation group

Section 8: Representations of the simple Lie groups

Section 9: The eightfold way

Section 10: The symmetric group

Section 11: Irreducible representations of SU(N)

Section 12: Accidental degeneracy of the energy levels

Section 13: Space-time symmetries

Section 14: Lie groups: a general theory


Exercises: Monday 10-12 and Thursday 16-18, BCTP Besprechungsraum (R. 2.008)


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Exam: Monday, Feb. 15, 10:00, SR II HISKP

Second Exam: Friday, Apr. 8, 10:00, SR II HISKP