talks: 30 minutes plus 15 minutes discussion

Wednesday (27th of May)

14.00: Start

14.15: Martha Constantinou "nucleon observables at the physical point"

15.00: Coffee break

15.15: Andreas Athenodorou "NEDM"

16.00: Marcus Petschlies "charm quark mass and strong coupling constant"

16.45: Markus Werner "rho meson resonance"


19.00: Dinner at Mayers, Clemens-August-Str. 51a, 53115 Bonn


Thursday (28th of May)

9.15: Mario Schröck "QPhiX and QUDA interfaces to tmLQCD"

10.00: Lorenzo Riggio "Deflation"

10.45: Coffee Break

11.15: Krzysztof Cichy "PDFs from the lattice"

12.00: Vittorio Lubicz "Chromomagnetic operator on the lattice"

12.45: lunch break


14.15: Liuming Liu "D D* scattering"

15.00: Coffee break


15.30: Krzysztof Cichy "Step scaling in X-space"

16.15: Roberto Frezzotti "Tuning work for 2+1+1 simulations at the physical point"


19.00: Dinner at Brauhaus Bönnsch, Sterntorbrücke 4, 53111 Bonn


Friday (29th of May)

9.15: Discussion

10.45: Coffee Break


11.15: Discussion

13.00: End