Quantum Field Theory (physics755)

Lecturer: Bastian Kubis


Lecture: Wednesday 13, Friday 12-14, HS I, PI


Assistent: Franz Niecknig



Monday 12-14, SR II HISKP; Tutor: Dilege Gülmez

Tuesday 10-12, SR II HISKP; Tutor: Erik Wilbring

Tuesday 10-12, Ü4, Room 0.020, AVZ I; Tutor: Tatjana Puskarov

Tuesday 14-16, HS HISKP; Tutor: Johanna Daub



Friday, July 18th, 12-14, HS I, PI (the very last lecture)

   Exam review: Tuesday, July 22nd, 14-15, Besprechungsraum HISKP

Thursday, September 25th, 9-11, HS I, PI

   Exam review: Thursday, October 2nd, 9:00-9:45, SR II HISKP


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