Kernphysikalisches Kolloquium im SS 2013

11.07.13 17:15
Michael Hirscher

MOFs as quantum sieves for hydrogen isotope separation[mehr]

4.07.13 17:15
Christian Weiss

Partonic structure meets meson exchange: Exploring duality with transverse densities[mehr]

27.06.13 17:15
Susan Gardner

Dark Matter in a Weakly Coupled Universe[mehr]

20.06.13 17:15
Corinna Kollath

Quantum effects and dynamics in strongly correlated ultracold gases[mehr]

13.06.13 17:15
Eike Middell

Searches for diffuse neutrino fluxes with IceCubeReferent[mehr]

16.05.13 17:15
Dave Ireland

Baryon Spectroscopy with CLAS at JLab[mehr]

25.04.13 17:15
Eberhard Widmann


11.04.13 17:15
Guy Ron

Lux et Lex: Optical Traps for β decay studies[mehr]