Quark mass dependence of hadronic observables

F.-K. Guo (ITP)  / U.-G. Meißner (UB)


Although nowadays many lattice QCD calculations are performed with up and down quark masses
close to their physical values, the study of the quark mass dependence of hadronic observables is
still of high interest for several reasons. First, there are still many lattice QCD calculations being
done with light quark masses larger than their physical values. For these a chiral extrapolation is
mandatory. Second, the dependence of the light quark mass of a certain flavor can be used to gain
important insights into the internal structure of various hadrons. Third, the heavy quark mass
dependence can be used to test to what extent heavy quark flavor symmetry (HQFS) can be used
to make predictions of hadronic molecules formed by a pair of heavy hadrons. We want to study
Wick contractions for meson-nucleon scattering processes and nucleon form factors in CHPT, the
quark mass dependence of coupled-channel resonances, the role of HQFS for hadronic molecules
and the θ-dependence of the binding energies of light nuclei.