Hadron dynamics on the lattice

C. Liu (PKU) / T. Luu (FZJ) / C. Urbach (UB)


In this project we will continue to investigate hadron dynamics from first principles using lattice
QCD. As a basis we have successfully generated ensembles with dynamical light, strange and
charm quarks all tuned to their physical mass values. For the next CRC110 cycle we will continue
to generate such ensembles so that we have better control over lattice artifacts and finite size
effects. Our recent studies of two-meson systems show that one of the main systematic
uncertainties comes from the extrapolation to the physical point. Thus, with our physical point
lattices generated from the previous CRC cycle, we will extend our investigation of two meson
systems directly to the physical point, essentially removing this systematic uncertainty. Further, we
will consider the pion-nucleon system, baryon-baryon interactions, three-particle systems and
exotic states.