Kernphysikalisches Kolloquium im WS 2011/2012

2.02.12 17:15
Search for dark matter gauge bosons with fixed target electron scattering

Harald Merkel[more]

26.01.12 17:15
Modelling and understanding the Earth's magnetic field

Vincent Lesur (GFZ-Potsdam)[more]

19.01.12 17:15
Mechanische Relaxation, ein neuer Einblick in unser Gehirn

Karl Maier (HISKP)[more]

12.01.12 17:15
Precision Study of the Standard Model at Low Energies

Richard Milner[more]

15.12.11 17:15
The Spin Structure of the Nucleon: a phenomenological introduction and the most recent results

Franco Bradamante[more]

1.12.11 17:15
Extracting Real-Time Quantities from Euclidean Field Theory

Harvey Meyer[more]

24.11.11 17:15
3D Imaging of the Nucleon

Matthias Burkardt[more]

17.11.11 17:15
Recent Progress on Tau Lepton Physics

Antonio Pich[more]

10.11.11 17:15
Recent developments in HPC for scientific applications

Dirk Pleiter[more]

20.10.11 17:15
Bridging the gap between low-energy QCD and exotic nuclear structure

Christian Forssen [more]

13.10.11 17:15
Hadrons from quarks and gluons with functional methods

Christian Fischer