Kernphysikalisches Kolloquium im WS 2010/2011

27.01.11 17:15
Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Transmutation

A. Wagner (Dresden)[more]

25.11.10 17:15
Non-perturbative Higgs-Boson mass bounds from the lattice

Karl Jansen (DESY Zeuthen)[more]

18.11.10 17:15
Atomic Nuclei at Low Resolution

R. Furnstahl (Ohio State)[more]

11.11.10 17:15
Strong interaction studies with PANDA

J. Messchendorp (Groningen)[more]

4.11.10 17:15
Nuclear physics in the era of lattice QCD

S. Beane (New Hampshire, Bern)[more]

21.10.10 15:00
Bethe Kolloquium: S. Gukov

A piece of 21st century mathematics that didn't make it into the 20th century physics (15:00-18:00, HS 1, Physikalisches Institut)[more]

14.10.10 17:15
Charming Physics

U.-G. Meißner (Bonn, Jülich)[more]