Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

15.07.19 16:15

Analytical solutions of multi-loop multi-scale Feynman integrals using Mellin-Barnes methods in the context of SU(3) ChPT

Shayan Ghosh (HISKP)

In today’s era of precision particle physics, expansions to higher and higher orders of perturbative QFT models are necessary.  These higher order calculations require the evaluation of multi-loop diagrams, often with multiple mass scales.  Although an advanced technology has been developed to evaluate such loop integrals, the majority of techniques are still numerical in nature.  In this talk, we discuss methods and developments in one technology that allows for the analytical evaluation of multi-loop multi-scale diagrams, the Mellin-Barnes technique, principally in the context of three-flavoured chiral perturbation theory at two-loops.  We also explore some interesting theoretical mathematical results that arise as a side-benefit of using the Mellin-Barnes technique to solve these physically motivated integrals.

Category: Feldtheorie, HISKP News