Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

31.07.18 15:15

New Insights on Low Energy $\pi N$ Scattering Amplitudes

Yu-Fei Wang (Peking University)

Abstract: The $S$- and $P$- wave phase shifts of low-energy pion-nucleon scatterings are analysed using a production representation, in which they are decomposed into various terms contributing either from poles or branch cuts. We estimate the left-hand cut contributions with the help of tree-level perturbative amplitudes derived in relativistic baryon chiral perturbation theory up to $\mathcal{O}(p^2)$. It is found that in $S_{11}$ and $P_{11}$ channels, contributions from known resonances and cuts are far from enough to saturate experimental phase shift data -- strongly indicating contributions from low lying poles undiscovered before, and we fully explore possible physics behind. On the other side, no serious disagreements are observed in the other channels.

Category: HISKP News, Feldtheorie