Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

27.11.17 16:15

Recent progress in effective field theory for collective rotations and vibrations of triaxial nuclei

Dr. Qibo Chen, TU München


In recent years, effective field theory has achieved many successes in hadronic and low-energy nuclear physics. In this talk, the recent progress in EFT for collective rotation and vibration of triaxial nuclei is reviewed. To investigate the rotational motion of triaxially deformed even-even nuclei, the Hamiltonian for the triaxial rotor is constructed up to NLO. Its applicability is examined by comparing with a five-dimensional rotor-vibrator Hamiltonian for the description of the energy spectra of the ground state, g- and K=4 bands in Ru isotopes. It is found that by taking into account the NLO corrections, the ground state band in the whole spin region and the g-band in the low spin region are well described. The deviations for high-spin states in the g-bands point towards the importance of including vibrational degrees of freedom in the EFT formulation. Hence, the vibrational degree of freedom is further included in the construction of EFT formulation and a Hamiltonian for collective rotation-vibration is derived.

Seminarraum II, HISKP

Category: HISKP News, Feldtheorie