Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

18.07.16 16:15

Phase structure of Wilson and twisted mass fermions in the presence of isospin breaking

Stephen R. Sharpe (University of Washington)

Many simulations of lattice QCD use Wilson or twisted mass fermions, for which there is a competition between chiral symmetry breaking due to discretization errors and that due to quark masses.  This competition can lead to new, unphysical phases, most notably the Aoki phase.  Such phases must be avoided in numerical simulations in order to obtain the correct continuum limit.  In this talk I describe how the phase structure is changed when one works with nondegenerate up and down quarks (with physical or near physical masses) and includes electromagnetism.  I also discuss how the tuning to maximal twist can be done in such theories.



(Seminarraum II)

Category: Kernphysik, Feldtheorie