Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

27.06.16 16:15

Dispersion relations for KS → γ*γ*

Ramon Stucki (Bern)

We analyse the rare kaon decays K_S -> \gamma\gamma and K_S -> \gamma\l^+\l^- in a dispersive framework. (The leptons are either electrons or muons). Our analysis extends predictions from lowest order chiral perturbation theory ChPT to fully account for effects from final-state interactions. I will discuss how to formulate dispersion relations for two body decays, and in particular, how to overcome the problem associated with fixed kinematics. Given input from K_S -> \pi\pi and \gamma\gamma->\pi\pi, we solve the once-subtracted dispersion relation numerically to predict rates for the those processes. In the semi-leptonic modes, we find sizable corrections to the ChPT predictions for the integrated rates.


(Seminarraum II)

Category: Kernphysik, Feldtheorie