Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

30.05.16 14:15

Lattice determinations of the nucleon and pion sigma terms close to the physical point

Sara Collins (Regensburg)

Direct detection of dark matter candidates involves searching for signatures of elastic scattering with nuclei. The coupling to nucleons depends on scalar matrix elements which determine the contribution of the quarks to the mass of the nucleon (the sigma terms). Recent progress in lattice simulations has enabled the calculation of these sigma terms close to or directly at the physical point. The results of one such analysis, where the quark mass dependence and related systematics are studied, are presented and compared to indirect lattice determinations via the Feynman-Hellmann theorem and alternative (non-lattice) approaches. The mass decomposition of the nucleon is also discussed and contrasted with that of the pion.


(Besprechungsraum; please note unusual place and time!)

Category: Kernphysik, Feldtheorie