Seminar on Theoretical Nuclear Physics

23.05.16 16:15

The shape of (new) physics in B decays

Jorge Martin Camalich (Mainz)

Anomalies in (semi)leptonic B-meson decays present interesting patterns that might be revealing the shape of the new physics to come. I will review the decays and observables where these appear, discussing the extent up to which the respective SM predictions are understood. In this sense, the most interesting anomaly is the violation of lepton universality suggested by a recent measurement of a deficit of B+ → K+μμ over B+ → K+ee decays. This raises very interesting questions concerning the lepton-flavor structure of the presumed new interactions, some of which I will address in the context of effective operators and a particular class of models of new physics. Finally, I will discuss new possible experiments that could unambiguously confirm and characterize the putative new-physics effect.


(Seminarraum II)

Category: Kernphysik