Advanced Theoretical Physics

Dozent: U.-G. Meißner, A. Rusetsky


Termin: Di. 10-12, Do. 16.






Part 1. Discrete symmetries.

Part 2. Renormalization in the phi**4 theory

Part 3. Renormalization to all orders

Part 4. Renormalization group equations

Part 5. Physical observables

Part 6. Callan-Symanzik equations

Part 7. Path integral in Quantum Mechanics: a short summary

Part 8. Path integral in the holomorphic representation

Part 9. Path integral with fermions

Part 10. Quantization of the Yang-Mills fields: problems

Part 11. Quantization with the constraints (Dirac)

Part 12. Quantization with the constraints: gauge fields

Part 13. Covariant gauges

Part 14. Ward identities in the path integral formulation: QED

Part 15. Ward identities in the non-abelian gauge theories; renormalization

Part 16. Renormalization of the gauge theories with spontaneous symmetry breaking

Part 17. Dimensional transmutation

Part 18. BRST symmetry

Part 19. Running mass and coupling constant in QCD; the renormalization group

Part 20. Symmetries and anomalies in the path integral formalism

Part 21. Anomaly cancellation

Part 22. Scale anomaly and the nucleon mass

Part 23. Introduction to the field theory on the lattice

Part 24. Numerical calculations in the case of harmonic oscillator

Part 25. Monte-Carlo integration

Part 26. Calculation of the ground state energy of a harmonic oscillator

Part 27. The scalar field

Part 28. Lattice gauge fields




Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

Exercise 3.

Exercise 4.

Exercise 5.

Exercise 6.

Exercise 7.

Exercise 8.

Exercise 9.

Exercise 10.

Exercise 11.

Exercise 12.

Exercise 13.

Exercise 14.


Exam: 7.2.11, 10:00 in SR II HISKP