Computational Physics

Lecturer: Carsten Urbach


Date: Fr. 14 Uhr c.t. weekly


Place: Hörsaal, HISKP (5-th of November: Seminarroom I, HISKP)


Tutorials take place in the CIP pool at AVZ:

  • Tuesday, 8-10 am
  • Wednesday, 2-4 pm
  • Friday, 8-10 am


Credit Points: 7

This lecture intends to introduce to modern Monte-Carlo methods used in physics. The content is, among others:

  • Statistical Models, Likelihood, Bayesian and Bootstrap Methods
  • Random Variable Generation
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Monte-Carlo Methods
  • Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo
  • application of these methods to physics problems

The lecture takes place every Friday at 2 pm c.t. in SR 1, HISKP. Language will be English.


For passing this module students are requested to independently complete a small project where they apply the knowledge presented in this lecture to model problems from field theory and statistical physics. Projects will be among others:

  • Ising model
  • XY model
  • Percolation
  • traveling salesman problem
  • fractal growth
  • Random walks und polymer-chains
  • cellular automata
  • path integral monte carlo

The project write-ups can be found on this page.



  • W.H. Press et al.: Numerical Recipes in C (Cambridge University Press)
  • C.P. Robert and G. Casella: Monte Carlo Statistical Methods (Springer 2004)
  • Tao Pang: An Introduction to Computational Physics (Cambridge University Press)
  • Vesely, Franz J.: Computational Physics: An Introduction (Springer)
  • Binder, Kurt and Heermann, Dieter W.: Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics (Springer)
  • Fehske, H.; Schneider, R.; Weisse, A.: Computational Many-Particle Physics (Springer)
  • Learning C and C++: