Seminar über aktuelle Frage der theoretischen Kernphysik

31.05.11 16:15

Probing baryon structure with lattice QCD

James Zanotti (Edinburgh)

Modern lattice calculations are now at the stage where the masses of the simulated light quarks almost take their physical values.  For the past decade, the QCDSF collaboration has been investing the structure of the nucleon with two flavours of dynamical light quarks.  In this talk I will highlight some of the recent results obtained for the nucleon electromagnetic form factors and moments of ordinary and generalised parton distribution functions in the light quark mass regime.  I will also outline our method for introducing a dynamical strange quark into these simulations, allowing us to search for SU(3)-flavour breaking effects in the properties of the light baryon octet.


(Seminarraum II)

Kategorie: Kernphysik