14.11.13 10:00

Recent results about the decay B → K*μ+μ-

Sébastien Descotes-Genon (Orsay)

The decay B → K*μ+μ- is a very interesting process.  This flavour-changing neutral current has a particularly rich phenomenology with many observables accessible (in particular) at the LHCb experiment.  In addition, this process can be analyzed in the model-independent framework of the effective Hamiltonian, allowing for an elegant separation of short-distance processes and hadronic contributions.  Recent LHCb results suggest that some observables deviate from the expectations of the Standard Model in the region of large K*-meson recoil.  After recalling the advantages of these observables and the elements necessary for their analysis (angular analysis, form factors, factorisation approaches), I will discuss the observed deviations in terms of New Physics contributions.  Combining these results with b → s γ radiative decays suggests a consistent pattern with a New Physics contribution to the so-called effective operator O9.  I will discuss briefly implications of such a contribution, as well as possible issues with the SM computation of these observables.


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Kategorie: Feldtheorie