7.05.12 16:15

Determination of ChPT low-energy constants from a precise description of pion-pion scattering threshold parameters

Jenifer Nebreda (Madrid/Bonn)

We present preliminary results on the determination of the values of the one- and two-loop low-energy constants appearing in the chiral perturbation theory calculation of pion-pion scattering.  For this we use a recent and precise determination, using the Froissart-Gribov representation, of scattering lengths and slopes that appear in the effective range expansion.  In this work we provide new sum rules and the values for these coefficients up to third order in the expansion.  Our results are relatively consistent with previous determinations but already seem to hint at the presence of higher order contributions, which we have considered as systematic uncertainties.


(Seminarraum II)

Kategorie: Feldtheorie