14.01.13 16:15

Mapping out the energy dependence of scattering phase shifts using lattice QCD

Christopher E. Thomas (Dublin)

We have recently made significant progress in mapping out energy-dependent scattering phase shifts by using a range of novel techniques in lattice QCD.  I summarise the methodology and discuss an application to elastic pi pi scattering in isospin-2 where we were able to determine both the S and D-wave scattering phase-shifts at a large number of kinematic points.   I present a very recent study of elastic pi pi P-wave scattering in isospin-1 in which we mapped out the energy dependence of the rapidly rising phase shift, corresponding to the rho resonance, in unprecedented detail.  I comment on prospects for studying other scattering channels.


(Seminarraum II)

Kategorie: Feldtheorie