31.01.11 16:15

Final-state interactions in strong two-body baryon decays

Daniela Tolentino (Bonn)

In the past decade U. Löring et al. developed a covariant constituent quark model for the spectrum of light-flavored baryons, based on the solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter equation with the quark dynamics given by a linear rising confinement potential and a residual instanton induced interaction.  As other constituent quark models, this model predicts a much larger number of resonances than experimentally seen, the so-called missing resonances.  A preliminary calculation of partial strong decay widths in lowest order of perturbation theory shows that these theoretical states do not couple to the corresponding baryon-meson decay channels, explaining why the missing resonances have not been detected so far.  However, a quantitative agreement with the experimental data could not be achieved yet, due to the neglect of important final state interactions.  In this talk, we shall discuss how to account for these by employing hadronic transition amplitudes of a multi-channel two-body scattering process calculated within the relativistic quark model framework.


(Seminarraum II)

Kategorie: Feldtheorie