4.07.11 16:15

Dispersive analyses of γπ → ππ and ω → 3π

Dimitrios Sakkas, Franz Niecknig (Bonn)

The theoretical description of vector particle interactions in hadron physics remains a challenge.  There are various attempts describing vector meson processes in effective field theories, however, the prevailing suggestions all lack a thorough treatment of final-state interactions.  Looking, on the other hand, at the anomalous photo-process γπ → ππ, the up-to-date predictions of the chiral anomaly give too low a value compared to experiment.  Therefore, along with more precise experiments, a renewed treatment of these processes is needed.  In this talk, we want to give an introduction into dispersive approaches to hadron processes and apply these to the ω → 3π decay and γπ → ππ.


(Seminarraum II)

Kategorie: Feldtheorie