20.10.11 17:15

Bridging the gap between low-energy QCD and exotic nuclear structure

Christian Forssen

The ambitious goal of solving the nuclear many-body problem with
fundamental interactions tied to QCD appears to approach reality.
The specific aims are to preserve the predictive power of the
underlying theory, to test fundamental symmetries with the nucleus
as laboratory, and to develop new understandings of the full range
of nuclear many-body phenomena. Advances in theoretical frameworks
(chiral perturbation theory, renormalization, and many-body methods)
as well as in computational resources (new algorithms and massive
parallelization) have expanded into a new generation of nuclear
modeling.  In particular I will focus on new and valuable insights into
the origins of exotic nuclear structure from ab initio methods. I will
also outline some challenges for a coming decade of research.

Kategorie: Kolloquium