17.12.19 15:15

Verleihung des Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Preises und Vortrag des Laureaten

Patrick Reinert - "High-Quality nuclear forces from chiral EFT"

Describing the nuclear force is a long-standing and challenging problem. Over the last three decades, enormous progress has been made in the field of nuclear chiral effective field theory (EFT), a systematic and model-independent framework which connects two- and many-body forces among nucleons with the underlying fundamental theory of the strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). In addition to conceptual advantages and given the advances in ab initio calculations of properties and reactions of nuclear few- and many-body systems, the need for precise nuclear forces as input to those calculations is stronger than ever. I present high-quality nucleon-nucleon potentials up to fifth order in chiral EFT, whose adjustable parameters have been fitted to the 2013 Granada database of experimental two-nucleon scattering data. The resulting N4LO+ potential yields a description of the experimental data that is equal or even better than that achieved by semi-phenomenological high-quality potentials while simultaneously allowing to incorporate consistent many-body forces and currents in calculations. I will further present a study of isospin-breaking effects in the two-nucleon force. The long-standing question regarding the charge-dependence of the piNN coupling naturally re-emerges in the framework of chiral EFT and a determination from the two-nucleon system will be discussed.

Kategorie: HISKP News, Kolloquium