26.01.12 17:15

Modelling and understanding the Earth's magnetic field

Vincent Lesur (GFZ-Potsdam)

The traditional input data for modeling the Earth magnetic field are vector time series obtained in geomagnetic observatories. It is only recently that satellite vector data have been available to map and understand the magnetic field on relatively short time scales. On very long time scale only Archeo- and Paleomagnetic data can provide the requested information. In this presentation we will give an overview of the available data sets and their characteristics. The main characteristics of the field and its evolution are also described.  One of the main results of the processing of satellite data is the possibility to map the magnetic field second time derivative at the Earth surface.  From these magnetic field models, the liquid outer core flow can be estimated at the core mantle boundary.  This, in turn, provides information on the dynamics of core.

Kategorie: Kolloquium