24.11.11 17:15

3D Imaging of the Nucleon

Matthias Burkardt

Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA is currently undergoing a $ 350 million upgrade to 12 GeV. One of the main science motivations that drives this upgrade is the measurement of 'Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs)', which will allow for the first time to engage in nuclear tomography to uncover the true three-dimensional structure of the nucleon. Likewise, one of the two science motivations for a proposed electron-ion collider is 'precision imaging of the sea-quarks and gluons to determine the spin, flavor and spatial structure of the nucleon'.
In the near term, determination the of GPDs is also one of the main goals of the COMPASS II program.
I will explain how these experiments can access the spatial nucleon structure and how that relates to other observables, such as quark orbital angular momentum, the nucleon anomalous magnetic moment, and transverse single-spin asymmetries.

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