18.12.14 16:00

XYZ - Exotic states in the charmonium and bottomonium mass regions

Sören Lange (Giessen)

 Observations of new charmonium(-like) and bottomonium(-like) states (often
refered to as "XYZ" states) at experiments at e+e- colliders such as BaBar,
Belle, BESIII have changed our picture of quarkonia systems as QCD bound
states. Potential models, which were able to predict many conventional states
with an accuracy of ~1 MeV, absolutely fail in describing many of the new
states. Some of the new narrow states even seem to be charged, therefore cannot
represent conventional quarkonium and may be discussed as states of possibly
exotic nature (e.g. molecules, tetraquarks, hybrids). Recent results will be
presented, with emphasis on the Belle experiment. At the end, an outlook to the
future projects Belle II and Panda will be given.


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