27.01.11 17:15

Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Transmutation

A. Wagner (Dresden)

Albeit their quite disjoint research history, the research areas of nuclear astrophysics and transmutation of nuclear waste show striking similarities resembling the same basics in nuclear physics. In both fields, the electromagnetic response function of nuclei and the nuclear level density play a key role in the explosive stellar burning as in the reduction of long-lived actinides produced in nuclear power plants. In the talk, I will present recent results on the electromagnetic strength function in medium-mass nuclei studied at the superconducting electron linear accelerator ELBE at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Neutron-induced reactions on various nuclei, like neutron capture, neutron inelastic scattering are studied at a new neutron time-of-flight facility, as well.

(Seminarraum I)

Kategorie: Kolloquium