10.05.16 16:15

The Time Reversal Invariance experiment at COSY (TRIC)

Yury Valdau (FZ Juelich)

The universe around us consists mainly of matter, although it is known that in the Big Bang an equal amount of antimatter has been produced. The Standard Model prediction for the proportion for the number of the baryons and antibaryons deviate from the astrophysical observations by eight orders of magnitude. To explain this phenomenon, which is usually called the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe (BAU), a strong CP or T-violation must be found. A possible discovery of the T-symmetry violation in the system of baryons would be a strong indication for the existence of the physics beyond the Standard Model.

At the Cooler-Synchrotron COSY/Juelich, using a polarized proton beam and a tensor polarized deuterium target, we have access to a unique genuine null observable which will serve as a new test of the T/symmetry violation in a baryonic system. The test of Time Reversal Invariance at COSY (TRIC experiment) is conceived as a transmission experiment in the storage ring with polarized internal target. The signal of the possible T-symmetry violation will be determined from the total cross section measurement using a dedicated high precision beam current measurement system. Hence, in the TRIC experiment COSY will serve as a storage ring, detector, and ideal zero-degree spectrometer.

In this talk an overview of activities towards the realization of the TRIC experiment as well as the status of the preparation for the beam time in summer 2016 will be presented.

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