7.02.17 16:15

Scientific Opportunities with SwissFEL

Rafael Abela (PSI, Villigen)

X-ray free electron lasers (FEL) have become in the last years available for researchers worldwide - a dream that finally came true 50 years after the invention of the optical laser and 40 years after the first theoretical work on FELs. These research facilities are bold examples of disruptive technologies: revolutionary instruments that expand the scope of what can be achieved in a field of science. The high potential of the new X-ray FEL sources for science and innovation released funding for the development and construction of a number of facilities in the US, Europe and Asia. 

In the talk I will present the status of the SwissFEL facility, discuss scientific opportunities in selected fields as well as technical developments, e.g. detectors and timing tools.

Hörsaal, HISKP

Kategorie: Kolloquium