2.11.12 10:00

Exploring quantum solids on elementary time and atomic length scales

Jure Demsar (Konstanz)

In recent years we are experiencing major advancements in femtosecond time-resolved methods. These techniques render access to the time-evolution of the complex dielectric function from sub-terahertz frequencies to ultraviolet, to the dynamics of changes in the electronic band structure and distribution using time and angular resolved photoemission, or to the underlying structural dynamics via femtosecond time-resolved X-ray or electron diffraction. Such studies provide unique information on the nature and dynamics of low energy excitations, on the coupling strengths between different degrees of freedom, and can determine the nature of interplay between various competing/cooperating order parameters.

Following a brief introduction to the techniques, I will focus on recent time-resolved optical and structural studies on density wave systems. By tracking the dynamics of both the electronic system and that of the crystal lattice important information on their interplay is obtained, providing novel insights into the origin of density wave ground state in low dimensional solids





Ort: Hörsaal, HISKP, Raum 0.023, EG

Zeit: Freitag, 02.11.2012, 10 Uhr c. t.


Kategorie: Kolloquium