20.06.13 17:15

Corinna Kollath

Quantum effects and dynamics in strongly correlated ultracold gases

Atomic gases cooled to Nanokelvin temperatures are a new exciting tool to
study a broad range of quantum phenomena. In particular, an outstanding
degree of control over the fundamental parameters, such as interaction
strength, spin composition, or dimensionality has been achieved. This has
facilitated access to strongly correlated quantum many body physics in
exceptionally clean samples. For example, artificial periodic structures
for the atomic gas can be created using laser light to mimic condensed
matter systems.
Further, the outstanding tunability of cold gases allows to rapidly
change the system
parameters and to observe the subsequent quantum evolution. This ability
is unmatched in conventional
solid state samples and poses new challenges for the understanding of
quantum dynamics in correlated many-body systems. In particular, for a
parameter change across a quantum phase transition the properties of the
state have to change drastically. I will report on recent progress on
the question on how the correlations characterizing the states can
change in such quantum many body systems.

Kategorie: Kolloquium