14.07.15 16:00

XYZ states in BES-III

Wolfgang Gradl (Univ. Mainz)

The theory of the strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics, has been

probed very successfully up to very high energies, for example using

hadron production in electron-positron collisions. At low energy

scales, the QCD potential is non-perturbative and still not fully

understood. One approach to obtain deeper insight into the

non-perturbative regime of the strong interaction is the study of

charmonium spectroscopy. e+e- annihilation provides a very clean

environment to perform measurements of this kind.

A `second charm revolution' has been sparked with the discovery of new

'XYZ' states, such as the X(3872) or the Y(4260) by the B factories

Belle and BABAR, which do not fit into the conventional picture of

quark-antiquark bound systems. Recently, a number of further,

non-conventional bound states have been seen. In this talk, I will

concentrate on some of the more exotic bound states recently

discovered at BESIII, and show some of the connections between them

being made.


Slides of the talk

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