8.05.14 16:00

A high precision determination of the weak mixing angle by the measurement of the weak charge of the proton with the MESA accelerator at Mainz

Frank Maas (Mainz)

The electroweak mixing angle is one of the important input parameters of the standard model. A new determination of this quantity from low energy parity violating electron scattering is planned at the new energy recovery linac MESA in Mainz. A measurement of the weak charge of the proton from parity violating elastic electron-proton scattering will yield a precise value at very low momentum transfer Q^2. This will allow to test the running of the effective mixing angle. In addition the experiment will be sensitive to new physics beyond the standard model in complementary way to other low energy high precision experiments. The project will be presented and discussed.


The slides of this talk can be found here.

Kategorie: Kolloquium