2.11.12 14:00

Matter-light interactions with superconducting quantum circuits and Rydberg atoms

Stefan Filipp (Zürich)

Microwave photons in on-chip resonators can serve as coherent quantum interface between both real and artificial atoms. The high electric field strength generated by even single resonator photons together with the large dipole moments of superconducting qubits or Rydberg atoms leads to strong coupling between matter and light. This versatile circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) architecture is well suited for experiments in quantum optics and quantum information processing. In our measurement, we study collective states formed by superconducting qubits coupled to a common field mode. Using local phase control of the drive field we prepare two qubits in a dark state, which does not couple to the microwave field, and observe its slow, sub-radiant decay characteristics. In the field of quantum information processing, we employ virtual photons to generate entanglement between three qubits as a resource for quantum algorithms and teleportation. Finally, I will report on the resonant interaction of helium Rydberg atoms with microwave photons, a crucial step towards a hybrid platform for quantum computation.



Ort: Hörsaal, HISKP, Raum 0.023, EG

Zeit: Freitag, 02.11.2012, 14 Uhr c. t.


Kategorie: Kolloquium