News, HISKP News, Kolloquium: Sub-eV neutrino mass limit from KATRIN

Christian Weinheimer (Universität Münster)[mehr]


News, HISKP News: Physicists of the University of Bonn honored with Pineapple Science Award

Prize-worthy explanations on the flight behavior of beer mats[mehr]


News, HISKP News: Master-Kolloquium Lado Razmadze

Exploring possible tobological structures in exactly solvable model on carbon nanoribbon[mehr]


HISKP News, Kolloquium, News: Verleihung des Dr. Klaus Erkelenz Preises und Vortrag des Laureaten

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kaiser, TU München:"Nuclear Interactions from Chiral Effective Field Theory" Abstract: In this talk the construction of the nucleon-nucleon potential in chiral effective field theory is reviewed,...[mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Master-Kolloquium: Master-Kolloquium Abhilash Cheekoti

Dynamics of multistable oscillator networks: basins, stability and uncertainty[mehr]


News, HISKP News, Kolloquium: Discovery and study of the first double-charm tetraquark

Mikhail Mikhasenko (TU München)[mehr]


News, Kolloquium, Master-Kolloquium: Master-Kolloquium Davide Rocco

Visibility-Graph-Based Approaches to Complex Time Series Analysis[mehr]

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