26.05.2023 15:00

Baryon properties from chiral QCD

Daniel Severt, Bonn

A collection of studies on the properties of baryons within the context of effective field theory, especially Chiral Perturbation Theory, will be presented in this talk. The focus lies primarily on the Roper resonance, an excited state of the nucleon with some interesting and puzzling features. Investigating the Roper resonance and its properties is key for understanding the excited baryon spectrum of Quantum Chromodynamics. In the second part of the talk, electric dipole moments (EDMs) of heavy baryons containing a single bottom quark will be considered. EDMs are an important observable in precision physics, since they violate the discrete symmetries time-reversal and parity at the same time. Necessary theoretical background will be introduced and an outlook to future research will be given.

Seminarraum I, HISKP, Raum 1.021

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