31.01.2022 16:15

The eta/eta' system on the lattice --- Masses, matrix elements, and the validity of large-$N_c$ ChPT

Jakob Simeth (Regensburg)

Abstract: We present our recent $N_f=2+1$ lattice results at the physical point for the $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons. Their masses, and axialvector, pseudoscalar and gluonic matrix elements are determined. This allows us to test the singlet axial Ward identity, fully taking into account the renormalization scale dependence of the singlet axialvector current. We determine all low energy constants of NLO large-$N_c$ ChPT and comment on the range of validity of common phenomenological approximations like the Feldmann-Kroll-Stech scheme.

The talk will be delivered online. For the Zoom link please contact urbach(at)hiskp.uni-bonn.de.

Kategorie: HISKP News, Kernphysik