23.05.2023 15:00

Universal parameters of excited states of matter

Maxim Mai, Bonn

The study of strongly interacting particles, or hadrons, is a field that remains riddled with many unanswered questions. One of the most fundamental is the form of the excited states spectrum. Additionally, the reasons behind the varying complexities and the nature of some individual states also remain elusive. To address these questions several powerful tools have been developed, including Lattice QCD, Chiral Perturbation theory, and S-matrix techniques. Experimental progress in this area has also been significant over the past few decades. However, despite these advances, the challenges in obtaining a comprehensive picture remain substantial. In my upcoming talk, I will provide an overview of the challenges associated with this field and highlight the recent progress that has been made in overcoming them. I will showcase several examples, including data-driven phenomenological tools and purely theoretical investigations based on Lattice QCD. Through these examples, I will demonstrate how the community is working towards a better understanding of the complex nature of strongly interacting matter.

Hörsaal, HISKP, Raum 0.023

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