13.12.2022 15:15

Novel approaches to search for new physics in rare charm decays

Dominik Mitzel (TU Dortmund)

Despite its success to withstand an enormous body of experimental tests over the last decades, there are many phenomena that the currently established theoretical description of elementary particles and interactions, called the Standard Model of particle physics, fails to explain. The LHCb collaboration is one of the four big experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, where hundreds of international scientists try to find hints for effects that go beyond the Standard Model in high-energetic proton-proton collisions, collectively referred to as 'New Physics' in recent times. In particular, LHCb focuses on measurements of decays of hadrons with heavy charm- or beauty-quark content, where new and yet unknown particles and interactions might significantly change the properties of such processes.


This talk will give an introduction to the LHCb experiment and how to search for New Physics in decay processes that are sensitive to quantum corrections. A special focus will be on LHCb's charm physics program. Given the large charm production rate at the LHC, this field opens the opportunity to look for new phenomena in processes that have never been studied before.


HISKP, Hörsaal, Raum 0.023

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